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Ice tea granola yogurt spaghetti broccoli peach honey dew salad fake chicken pistachios smoothie

Absence Seizure

OJ spinach cheese croissant faces hot dog potato banana grapes.

Eggs oatmeal OJ yogurt blueberries apples turnover burrito beans Fingers cheese chips Guac bananas soy blueberries

Tonic Clonic Seizure

Cran juice omelette potatoes toast banana scone oatmeal yogurt fruit sushi fruit wonton cake nuts

Forced Blessing

Half bagel cream cheese hard boiled egg yogurt mini danish coffee tuna wrap chips salad diet cola falafel hummus baba ganoush beef kabob tofu kabob pita spinach.

Complex Partial

Wheat toast cream cheese yogurt one pancake orange slice OJ coffee chips pastrami cookies fruit salad chicken kasha salad popsicle beans

Seizure free. Only noise.

Yogurt OJ coffee mini danish hard boiled egg turkey pastrami sandwich apple banana cookie chips ziti eggplant parm garlic bread salad black white cookie

Horizon of existence

Bagel lox fruit yogurt sushi white asparagus broccoli fruit brisket spinach beans fruit rugelach

Control cutting horizontal lines.

Skyline graffiti tags

Prayers I know

Secondary complex partial generalized seizure

early evening

bagel tuna egg salad fruit salad chicken fruit

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