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We all know pt. 2

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

I made a promise to you all to share the long time companion of the wall decoration you see below:

*Now former wall decoration

**It is a former wall decoration I can't throw it away



The picture above and the picture below lived beside one another on my walls from about 2002 to 2017. Always side by side.

***Now they live under a bed.

****Why can I not just throw them away? Even better, recycle them

I always wondered what the UNICORN was thinking, And so... it seemed necessary to share the admittedly speculated UNICORN/CAT convo where they debate the meaning of "touch."

But the same goes for the COWBOY.

And thus, in this... In part 2... We hear what we need to hear... What the COWBOY is thinking at this moment (and every moment)...

COWBOY: You want to know what I've been thinking? Thinking under that bed frame of yours with with the dusty guitar case and flat screen TV that is too small? I've been thinking that there is a reason, that for all those years that you kept us on your walls. Me, Kitty CAT, and the UNICORN Man. You know it, and I know it, and I have concluded that there is some good old interdependency going on here. ANd that means something-

(((((((( Long Pause )))))))))))

And under that bed with all the micromanagement of the Goddamn BOX SPRING, I think back to that pretty little ground floor studio you had in up there in New York City. You remember that place? Where you walk out the door and you're already facing the sunset. I'm facing the sunset right now, in fact. And it looks Goddamn good as hell and I'll tell you what- One day you and I, my friend, shall walk right into that setting sun, on a good looking, gritty, dirt road. After I'm done meditating here of course, but ultimately... Let's be honest now... That is not something I cannot do under your bed. I know you don't want to throw me away. Or you do, but you can't, and that is the best news I've heard.. But just consider. Please. As you approach this new life chapter, up over yonder, let's get us back up on your wall. I can see it. Me and Kitty CAT and UNICORN Man, looking down at the oak wood floor in that lovely cottage you got. Acres upon acres of greenery, wherever that may be. And I support you. I do. And that is all I got to say. That is it. The End. But if you need me, don't hesitate to holler, I'll just be here pondering in a state of only and endless introspective tranquility. You be good, partner. You hear-

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