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Sketches That Want To Live

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Dear Sketch Ideas That Still Sit Quietly, Without Laughter, In A Doc,

As projects mount as a son, dad, husband, possible homeowner, probable renovator, full time employee, writer, and occasional HGTV watcher, I worry you guys might never get the chance, to grow, blossom, expand. Never get the opportunity to evoke genuine laughter and truly live up to your potential.

I just want to say it is not your fault. At all. I know you want to live.

And I want you to live and I will try to write you quickly in a coffee shop on a rainy day.

Until then...



1. A chorus that performs harmonized kvetching

2. A conversation between a Nike Swoosh and the Starbucks Mermaid

3. A pre-production meeting for internet pornography

4. An avant-garde Powerpoint presentation performed in avant-garde

5. Halloween in the office with only one employee dressing up and going all out

6. Three Neanderthals waiting to use the bathroom

7. A Romeo and Juliet adaptation with Trump and Pompeo

8. A knife fight fought with descriptions of kitchen knives

9. A PSA about sharing popcorn.

10. An afternoon at the DMV in Back to the Future II's alternate 1985

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