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official stream of consciousness meeting

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Okay here we go, I said I'm going to do it so we shall and this the official stream of consciousness is meeting, is taking place, is taking place in my mind to attain the memory that lurks behind every adventure on the road to what is not a success story, but instead a tale of Hypoallergenic sense of what today means in the history of a country in which I am still not sure if I love so I avoid the questions and ideals and ideals and ideals, in the end, to make a deal, to the one hundred percent of hopeful and vengeful guard rails to the emotions and underlying number system and radio

oligarchs and with aromatic gestures of time and space reflecting into and out of outer orbit manifestations and outstanding capitulations, now is the last time we will dance with common air and common purpose once and for all and that will bring the cinema what is said and seen. Now you know how to remember how to swim and chew and to speak. Speak because what you care to know matters when the paint brush moves westward in time.

Thank you welcoming me to the meeting. Is there any juice or coffee?

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