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Mediterraneans in Rome

I am working hard to maintain my new whole food plant based diet. WFPB is what we've been known to call ourselves. I am proud of this meal for the week.

And check out the crazy convo:

It is an honor to meet you -- that is the spaghetti pasta talking

You as well - that is the spaghetti sauce talking.

PASTA: Is it true?

SAUCE: What's that?

PASTA: About the consistency?

SAUCE: I am very consistent.

PASTA: Absolutely.


But are you lentils?

SAUCE: That is correct.

PASTA: Not meat?

SAUCE: Nope.

PASTA: Not fake meat?

SAUCE: Correct.

PASTA: Incredible.

SAUCE: What about you? From where do ye hail?

PASTA : You're not going to believe this.

SAUCE: I'm ready when you are.

PASTA: I am chickpeas.


SAUCE: Well I'll be.

PASTA: Want to take a walk?

SAUCE: Down to the Piazza Navona?

PASTA: You read my Mediterranean Mind.

It turns out well in the end.

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