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Hard Drive Moments #1

This was yet another tributary back to the days when I first started trying to get things on a stage of some sort in New York City. In my first of my many many attempts to get things on stage that continues on to this very moment, this was my first try, I teamed up with Bekah Brunstetter (a fellow playwright), booked 2 weekends at The Tank in Times Square, and worked endlessly on every detail I could think of,... and I should mention, in the midst of this never-ending to-do list, I lost my job. In '08, myself and my two roommates lost our jobs on the same day. Then, of course, no replies on craigslist or indeed, though I do not think indeed was around, or maybe I just get so many emails from them, I can not recall a reality in which indeed was not indeed and in fact this blog is titled "indeed" so I am thoroughly embarrassed- but... let's back to the external heart drive, meaning the singular moment with my external hard drive today:


That was the title for the production with Bekah.

When I think about how hopeful I was, jaded yes, but in way that is adorable to me now. When I try hard to feel the way I felt toiling over the my imagination's version of a production, I get a cramp in my chest and I feel like I'm holding back tears. Hard Drive Moments are real.

Above is a picture from the flier. This was done by the awesome graphic design of Vanessa Riegel.

Oh. And the synopsis...

Before Never Again is a comedy about couples. It consists of five short plays, each providing a new, awkward topic to enjoy. Intimate subjects, ranging from sexual curiosity at church camp, to more serious matters such as middle-aged booty dancing and erotic-jargon-phobia. Ensconced in multi-media and soundscape interplay, Before Never Again allows us to confront unavoidable issues and laugh them off for ninety minutes.

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