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email said to email

Updated: May 29, 2021

Email said to email I would like to know who is on the other end of this thread and that is soon to be sincerely, and best of warmly, but it must begin with a hello that is witty and inviting and by the way, FYI, I say how have you been. Hope all is well and good, but then we get to the following paragraph where it becomes time to get down to business and you, my fellow email, will do the same in the good old second paragraph where, as my grandad, the pedestrian postman said the interweb is where the magic happens. Put the magic is gone. You owe money, or make a donation, or love who I am as a politician or vote for me ,or alumni you have responsibilities and oh how you need insurance for something or the other. But then... Before I could get any further...

the letter from mom.

I ripped it open cause what could it say, I was on the edge of whatever was holding up my feet. But it was paper, real paper, rough like the bark of eucalyptus trees. And that was it.

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