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Could I pull it off?

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

I know what you're thinking. I do. We know each other quite well at this point. But anyway, putting our eternal connection aside, and our delight in mutual unity in the "let's talk about it later bucket", I have a feeling we think the exact same thing when it comes to this stellar, award-winning-photo. What is that thought? I know you're just kidding around, but anyway, I will say it. The big questamondo.


And I understand why you would feel that way and perhaps step into the realm of subtle self-doubt, but be not mistaken, you are okay, and I am okay, and there are very few people, of all walks of life that could pull off an Action-Hero Fedora. Like the one you see above. And who was the person that wore this? Was it a Noir Detective ? A Western Rebel? A man who is balding? Regardless it was a person who gave up. Which is okay. Many have tried. Many have failed. Many have gone on to find treasures and save the world from the dangers and villains that can be difficult to see before us.

Should I grab it? Try it on? Strut my so-called stuff? Why? Because, it is true, I plan to be one of those action heroes. And of course you could be as well. And together we could soar through the sky charming the stars and prepared for the praise that awaits us at our destination. Of course, that is right before we get coffee and restore peace to the universe.

And then we eat dinner. Or Zoom while we eat dinner. And maybe wear fedoras in the comfort of our home. And be the inter-connected, self-doubtless, superstars we tend to be.

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