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A Tumultuous Refrigerator Friendship


Hi!!! I love you!!! We have everything!!! I am gonna hang with you until the early morn- if that's cool.


That's right my friend! We doing some cooking as per ush, I am going to open that door many times, and we going to straight hang, gonna be lit on the stovetop.


What's up!!! We got some weekend leftovers, right? If I am not mistaken. Yes!!! Keeping the weekend alive! You the man!


Yo! What you got for me, home skillet? Oh snap! That's right. It's time for salmon!!! Woo! Hoo! Fridge fist bumps all around!


Howdy. So I was thinking... You know... What I want to do is make sure there's not a thing in there with a date stamped on it that is past tomorrow and maybe today. Could you help me out with that? Much apprish, much apprish-


Yo... So... Sorry for all the questions. But if I eat that, am I going to be okay? Did I really run out of butter? And what is in that container back there? And when did I cook that? And... You know... What are your views on take out? And you can be straight with me.


Listen, my friend... Sometimes I feel... empty as well. So I understand. Better than you think. And me going on my phone and pressing some buttons to have delicious food brought to me. To be worry-free for the entire, restful evening. And it feels so good and it had nothing to do with you. It really doesn't. And I will be back. I promise.

And I love you.

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