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It's Valentine's Day and unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the cast and crew of Gloria's kids show have been forced to work into the wee hours of the night. After running into her ex-husband and his new girlfriend, dealing with the aftermath of a one-night stand with her alcoholic co-star, and setting up useless mousetraps in her new, less-than-satisfactory  apartment, Gloria has had better days. Even so, she does experience a promising spark with the guest puppeteer, and her spirits might just be lifted if the feelings are reciprocated. 

FRANKLIN'S DANCE MOVES: A storm floods the gymnasium and all of Franklin's hard work planning the school dance is washed away. Discouraged and running out of time, Franklin turns to those who love him most to keep the dream alive.


FRANKLIN MAKES A MOVIE: Thanks to Mr. Owl's assignment, Franklin and Bear finally get to make a movie together. In preparing for their class presentation, their cinematic teamwork could not be stronger -- That is until it's time to select a hero for the story.


The clock is ticking and Sam's chances of passing her online math exam are looking slim to none. When it turns out that Charlie, the young lad that Cat has been babysitting, is the next Doogie Howser, Sam decides to borrow this mathematical genius. However, when Charlie gets sick on the day of the big test, Sam turns to Cat out of (and only out of) desperation for an immediate solution.

With their crucial players out of commission, the Panthers are needing all the help they can get to beat Walton in the Friday night game. Unfortunately, their star defensive player, Santiago has been accused of cheating on his term paper and is on the verge of suspension. It's up to Coach Taylor to find his way between Santiago's dubious story and the chance to win Friday night's game and move one step closer to State.

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