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FLAT ON MY BACK: This play, now in development, is about Genevieve -- a women who begins having seizures just as she learns that she is, at last, with child. Two scenes will be presented with some amazing actors. 

THE GLOWING BOOT: I will be designing sound for Alice Pencavel's captivating, magical solo show with my Fluorescent Vibes bandmate Corey Bauer. 

THE LAST TWO BOXES: This one-act play will be produced with a series of other dramatic works -- including a piece written by one of my most cherished teachers, Laura Maria Censabella. 

SCENES + ZINES: Oh my gracious. Time for the second SCENES + ZINES. This time we'll have writers - Emily Liebowitz, Steve Dalachinksy, Gethsemane Herron, Camilo Almonacid, Becca Schlossberg & Yuko Otomo. Zines of all sorts. Email me if you want to bring yours to display.


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THE BIG NO: This one-act play will be featured with 4 other short plays in the Players Theatre's Short Play & Musical Festival with main focus being... SEX.



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SCENES + ZINES: The very first SCENES + ZINES will be taking place. We'll have the following writers - Parker Allen Stanley, Nina Quirck-Goldblatt, Helen Banner, Aaron Newman, Alice Pencavel, Rachelle Rahme. There will be many zines to explore. 



THE GREAT GOD BROWN: I'll be designing sound for the production of this O'neill rarity. The piece is directed by Target Margin Theater'S lead artist, Eva von Schweinitz.  



SCENES + ZINES: numero tres back again at The Living Gallery.


Our writers for the month of March: Claire Moodey, Nina Quirk-Goldblatt, Adam Scott Mazer, Nyssa Frank, Phillip Gerson, & Nick Walther. Zines of all sorts as well. Email me to submit for April and/or to bring Your zines.

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Presenting RINSE along with Athens Playwriting Workshop members John Patrick Bray and Scout Storey at the Flicker Theatre and Bar.                             FB invite:

SCENES + ZINES: back again at The Living Gallery.


Our writers for the month of April: Craig Kite, Erica Schreiner, Anna Jastrzembski,, Ryan Pater, Autumn KiotiZines of all sorts as well. Email me to submit for June  and/or to bring your zines.     FB invite:




My 10 minute play, BETWEEN SCENES, will be a part of the PCSF 10 minute play festival in November 2018 at the Shelton Theatre.



My hybrid piece, WONDERFULLY CUBICAL, has just been published in issue #14 of the literary magazine,The Birds We Piled Loosely.


FLAT ON MY BACK: My collage triptych will be presented in the Hidden Truths Art Show.



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