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In the muggy kitchen of small, Brooklyn restaurant, we follow a generational stream of dishwashers hired over the course of seventeen years. Friendships form, romance blossoms, and fights ensue. Glorious moments of selflessness can be seen, but when the business begins going under, and cutbacks are to be made, can there be compassion for a teenage girl in need of help?


- Athens Playwrights' Workshop at Flicker Theater, Georgia, April 2017

Recently married, with a child on the way, Adam and Sabrina have at last chosen a home in which to raise their family. However, it is not until all of their belongings are brought into this newfound, sacred abode, that an extraordinary challenge shows itself. That's when we learn who is ready to step forth into this new life and who remains emotionally fastened to lovers from the past now holding them back.

- Estrella Mountain College, Phoenix, November 2016.

Oklahoma. The mid-1930s. Dust bowl. Depression. Not fun times. In this play, adapted from Caroline Henderson's "Letters From The Dust Bowl," the audience is offered a bird's eye view into the life of the woman who forced the world to acknowledge those High Plains hardships. On this particular day, when they thought things couldn't get any worse, Caroline and her husband must find a way to get their windmill pumping the one thing they cannot live without. 

- Commissioned by the National Endowment for the Humanities, 2015.

A husband employs playwriting as a means of confronting his marital ineptitude. 

- Upcoming Production at the Shelton Theater, SF, November 2018


A husband must overcome fears of erotic jargon to fulfill his wife’s fantasy. 

- Winner of The Players Theatre Short Play Festival, NYC, 2017.


- Theatre InspiraTO Festival, Toronto, 2015; The Exit 7 Players, Massachusetts, 2015; Four Quarter Theater, NYC, 2017.

In this collage of New York City conversations, three voices, with entirely different pasts, are for a short time linked and interwoven in the urban air.

After weeks on the road, a calamity on the home stretch forces Amber and Al to decide whether their relationship has a future.

- Pizza & Plays, Lucky Jack's, NYC, 2017.




- TheatreCarousel, Toronto, 2015; The Ten-Minute Caravan, NYC, 2011.

After Delicious Dean's breakdown at a recent open mic show, only Typhoon Lily can help him regain the confidence he needs to move forward and perform once again.


- The Secret Life of Anthology Film Archives, NYC, 2011.

Immersed in the countdown of projected 16 mm film, a man must face the moment when his dream ends and his day begins.

Tired of waiting for the new office to which they were promised, a coup d'état transpires, led by the once sweet and taciturn Susie. 


- The Kraine, NYC, 2016.

A daughter returns home on Halloween in an attempt to stop her parents' sadistic plans for the night.


- 24 Hour Play Festival, NYC, 2010.

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