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Much to the unease of her overprotective husband, and every member of her family, it becomes necessary for Anna, to travel solo to her brother's engagement party in NYC while visiting from down south -- A daunting adventure indeed. However, it's only after her cell phone is lost on the subway, and her newfound psychic offers some startling advice, that this all-night-odyssey really gets wild. By sunrise, what becomes abundantly clear is that it's time for her siblings, her hubby, and most importantly herself, to recognize that there is more grit to this Southern gal than meets the eye.

By day Steven is a hard-ass macho at work and by night he is kindhearted crossdresser. When his supportive, confidant/coke dealer is fired unexpectedly, Steven is forced to reevaluate his identity before making a vital decision. 

Utilizing unearthed video footage, we meet our man Gary who is losing hair faster than he can handle. He tries focusing more on fashion, stylizing his eyebrows and facial hair, and wearing a Yamaka, but nothing seems to work. In despair, he reaches out a to a group of skinheads to find a place wear hairlessness is encouraged. What he finds is far more troubling than a bald spot. 


- Premiered at Anthology Film Archives, NYC, August 2012.


- Premiered at the Migrating Forms Film Festival, NYC, August 2009.

What keeps us going is the hope that the next step we take will be one moving in the right direction. The short piece takes a hard look at that shared longing and the things we do to convince ourselves that an improved reality awaits us.

Ensconced in four simultaneous projections, audience members experience the rhythm and ceaseless energy of Caribbean waves and sand.  

- Video installation at Monkey Town, NYC, 2008.

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