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Today is my birthday and I plan to take joy in life, but also reflect on the essential thoughts that have moved through my mind over the past few years while raising a child, moving across the country, building a house, battling a Pandemic, and navigating political and social unrest.

Pointless Haikus pt. 1

The hole in my sock

My favorite pair of socks

Saddens me sometimes

Pointless Haikus pt. 2

Avocados live

With life quickly passing by

Waiting in the bowl

Pointless Haikus pt. 3

The towel is wet

And hanging on in silence

For tomorrow’s bath

Pointless Haikus pt. 4

The scone stands alone

Riddled by the croissant’s joy

And muffin remorse

Pointless Haikus pt. 5

Fifty percent sweet

Is how I like my boba

More than that would be too much

Pointless Haikus pt. 6

Hand Sanitizer

Is my helpful companion

Day in and day out

Pointless Haikus pt. 7

Fart jokes show no age

Living in the words we speak

In the air like farts

Pointless Haikus pt. 8

The paper towels

Seem to be nearing their end

I must replenish

Pointless Haikus pt.9

Packaged sliced mango

Is not fair to the mango

Let the mango live

Pointless Haikus pt. 10'

The sand in ones sock

Can be very hard to find

But still we must try

Pointless Haikus pt. 11

High speed internet

Is how I check my email

I will reply soon

Pointless Haikus pt. 12

Tapping on the screen

Feeling reverberations

My thumb has a bruise

Pointless Haikus pt. 13

The pepto bismol

Works better in liquid form

That is what I think

Pointless Haikus pt. 14

It seems my shoe lace

Enjoys hanging on the cusp

Of being untied

Pointless Haikus pt. 15

The ice tray saga

Is a tale that never ends

But our drinks are Cold

Pointless Haikus pt. 16

I have been better

About flossing every night

I feel the cool mint

Pointless Haikus pt. 17

We did have a fork

We did not very much like

We threw it away

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