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At a picture-perfect beach house on the Florida Panhandle, a recovering alcoholic strives to revitalize his marriage and earn back his wife's trust. However, it's when his fellow AA member/landlord decides to give the house to his recently widowed daughter, that this mending and hopefulness is put to the test.

    - Reading presented at The Barrow Group Theatre , NYC, April 2016.

Fast Forward the Fire Lilies is a musical of sorts with songs seamlessly guiding us through matters of loyalty and trust. When Danny returns home, having disappeared without a word five years prior, he and his once best friend, Brent find themselves confronting some untold truths from the past.

      - Reading presented by Naked Angels, NYC, 2013.

Emily and her siblings, Sam and Hannah, want to give their mother a photo album for Christmas -- a suggestion from the nursing home staff where she will soon be living. Inside the studio, with the help of a camera lens, we are able visit moments from the past, turning points in the ongoing debate over what’s best for Mom. Ultimately, with Sam in New York on the brink of fatherhood, and Hannah pursuing musicianship elsewhere, it is Emily that is forced to choose between the life of a caretaker and the career she’s always wanted. 

      - Produced at New Voices Festival, NYC, 2013. 


A night of entangled narrratives, storytime before bed, and a meditation on young, married life and the myriad of compromises it entails.

      - Produced at the The Tank, NYC, 2009.

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