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The Return of the Denim Jackets/Me at the Mall in 8th grade

Should I get one?

The question we all ask ourselves.


Like the possibility that Adam was unattractive,

And the amount of Old Spice deodorant applied to my unknowing underarm at dawn,

And the amount of rock-oriented-decorations hanging on the walls of the Hard Rock Café at this moment,

And most certainly, the amount of breaths a TV takes.

I wasn't sure

On the second floor of the mall, between my Spencer's and my Auntie Anne's, my two loves, I wasn't sure how to approach even the possibility of me wearing a denim jacket.

But... Like the many ways in which one can wear a bandana

And the plentiful peppers on a Sbarro slice,

And the amount of stories written by my sibling in which the protagonist could not take a risk, and just go for it, and accept that the denim itself will not make me cool. It has to come from within.

Back to school in denim. And so it shall be. Possibly.

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